Complete content strategy and ongoing support across all written material.


PLM.  Done differently.

Based in New York City, BeProduct is the brainchild of several fashion technology industry veterans.  An affordable, cloud-based solution, BeProduct reinvents PLM with a strong emphasis on creative processes.

As a disruptive alternative to big enterprise PLM, BeProduct needed to slowly but surely establish its brand in a unique way - with a content strategy that will eventually grow to cover multiple channels.


A complete content strategy.

Gyoll has worked with the BeProduct team since soon after their first sale.  In the early stages, we helped to define the company's brand on social media, worked alongside the product team and owner on a new website, and  created press releases. 

Today, we're in the process of building a multi-channel content strategy that will help take the BeProduct name to the next level, including brand-sensitive case studies, media placement, thought leadership and more.

(All appropriate content is the property of the brand owner.)

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