Game content, worldbuilding, and media coverage for unique Estonian studio.


Story. From scratch.

An independent startup studio, Foxium aims to shake up the real-money gaming industry with an emphasis on story-driven games.

To support the development of a brand-new, marquee release, Foxium contracted Gyoll to write a game story bible, character bios, and other key narrative content.  And once Astro Legends released, we were asked to handle media coverage, interviews, and other promotional content.

We continue to work with Foxium on similar content for new games.


Cross-channel character.

“We worked closely with Gyoll on developing the setting, story, characters, and market materials for our biggest launch at the time - Astro Legends: Lyria & Erion. We had a great idea for the game, but Ben was instrumental in helping to bring it to life," says Daniil Sanders, Foxium's Creative Director.

"Since then, we’ve also established a great, collaborative partnership that’s extended to Gyoll assisting with media interviews, press releases, and other content. We hope to continue working with Ben in the future."

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