A new brand voice, product pitch, and website for a collaborative SaaS solution.


Creativity in focus.

As a mental state, Mushin means complete awareness. The mind is clear, uncluttered, and primed to create.

As a SaaS solution, Mushin is a visual tool designed to empower creative audiences in fashion, retail, consumer goods, and other fast-moving, product-centric industries.  After an initial soft launch, Gyoll was approached to help overhaul the Parisian company's brand tone, positioning, and product pitch, emphasising its ability to help designers and product developers work more closely together in a single, shared space.


Insights in style.

As fashion and retail industry veterans, our experience was key to shaping Mushin's approach to their carefully-selected target demographic, as Sandra Adam, Marketing Director explains:

“We worked with Gyoll as part of a comprehensive relaunch and rebranding initiative. It was imperative that we position our product the right way for the creative audience it’s designed to empower, so Ben’s extensive experience in the technology side of fashion and retail was extremely valuable.  With Gyoll’s help, we were able to refine our message, and we hope to continue working with Ben on further content in the near future."

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