NetEnt: 2018 Company Brochure.

A refined tone of voice and critical content for the iGaming leader.


A key piece of collateral.

NetEnt is perhaps the largest and best-known company in the iGaming industry.  Wherever real-money gaming has a foothold, their games are household names.  Their products and their underlying platform power some of the biggest casinos on the planet.

To do justice to the company's twenty-year history of innovation, and to articulate its complete portfolio of slots, live casino, promotional tools and more, NetEnt commissioned Gyoll to write a brochure that captured the essence of the business and packaged it to appeal to casino operator audiences throughout 2018.

Some existing material provided; some created from scratch

Since the brochure tells the story of NetEnt's entire offer, a variety of material (in various different voices) was the starting point.

Extensive approval and refinement process, including senior execs.

As NetEnt's major customer-facing statement for 2018, the brochure had to perfectly capture every element of the company's services, so we worked to incorporate feedback from senior marketing and communications executives.

Released at iGaming's biggest trade show, alongside big announcements.

The brochure was printed and shipped straight to ICE, the industry's largest trade show, where it landed in the hands of thousands of attendees.  Material from it was also adapted to adorn NetEnt's imposing booth. 


Rebuilding a brand voice.

As an industry leader, NetEnt has a clearly-defined communication style and brand voice.  But because of its rate of innovation, the different components of the NetEnt portfolio did not always align in their messaging.  

For this brochure, Gyoll was asked to help create a unified tone that advertised the entire business at the same time as articulating what makes each individual area unique.

Download the brochure here.  (All appropriate content is the property of the brand owner.)

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