An ongoing content partnership with a multinational tech giant.


Support. On the international stage.

From industrial IoT to engineering CAD, augmented reality to PLM, PTC is a long-standing technology partner to some of the planet's biggest businesses.  Since 2018, Gyoll has worked closely with PTC's retail arm to develop key written content for the global market, and to push the envelope with its industry-focused events.

"I’ve worked with Ben, and Gyoll, consistently over the last few years. Ben knows the retail industry inside out, and he blends a deep understanding of enterprise technology with the skill and the experience to turn even the most complex ideas into engaging, thought-provoking content. From writing high-profile digital transformation papers to being a lynchpin of our annual LiveWorx event in Boston, Ben has proven to be a valuable asset to the PTC Retail Business Unit."

- Blake Simms, Director of Retail Marketing & Business Development.


Deliverables, designed.

As part of the content strategy, Gyoll was tasked with developing a variety of written materials - working from both self-directed research and from briefs provided by PTC, underpinned by a thorough understanding of both the international retail business and PTC's stable of industry-focused solutions.

The most important of these deliverables were a series of multi-branded handbooks designed to educate, inform, and influence a multi-national audience of apparel brands, retailers, and consumer products companies.

Gyoll wrote and designed every instalment in this series of downloadable collateral.

Copies are available here, here, and here.

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