Stories, sharp.

Why we do what we do.  And what we can do for you.

Write the book.  The business will follow.

There's a modern saying that "content is king".  It's not wrong, but it ignores a much older one: "the power behind the throne".  For written content to come out right first time, a lot goes on beforehand - behind the scenes.  And that's where you'll find us.


We believe that every piece of written content must fit the overall narrative.  From a press release to a particularly sensitive stakeholder report, everything has to read like part of a cohesive whole.  Same voice, same lexicon, same flavour.

Get that right, and everything else will fall into place.

Internal Communications

To sell your vision, you need buy-in from your biggest fans: the ones you see every day at the office.  Corporate culture is only as good as the way you communicate it.

Customer-Facing Collateral

The confidence to talk to the market comes from knowing your content will strike the right chord, whether it's a blog, a brochure, or a big ad campaign. 

Everything Else

Think about how much writing we consume.  It all counts.  Your business needs a tone it can take everywhere from trade shows to technical documentation.

Our services.

Stories, sharp.  It's not just a catchy strapline. 

Our name is inspired by a Norse myth: a gilded bridge over a river of noise.  To cross, a warrior would need to speak the truth, and speak it well.  That's a quality we seek in all our work: written content that's clear, honest, and honed to a knife edge.

To get there, we rely on more than a decade of B2B and B2C experience - much of it at the C-level - and a lifetime of love for the written word.

Today, we have around 20 recurring clients who commission work from us every year - from thesis-length research reports to thematic descriptions of online slots; big brochures to one-off blogs.


Marketing collateral
Press releases
Brochure & product books
Technical documentation


French to English translation

Strategic Direction

Content strategy
Brand voice development


Ben Hanson

Creative Director & Chief Copywriter

Ben is a senior copywriter, editor, and content strategist with an eye for emerging technologies.  He also has extensive experience in fashion, having served as Editorial Director of WhichPLM for six years.  Ben has written B2B and B2C copy of every sort - for industries as diverse as gaming, recruitment, enterprise technology, and luxury property.  Working with a roster of designers and junior writers, Ben is the heart of Gyoll. 

  • “Ben is one of those rare individuals who can grasp a topic quickly, and write about it effectively. His persistence, enthusiasm, diligence and thoughtfulness make him unique.”
    Peter Bambridge
    Former Gartner Analyst; now Director of Retail & Consumer Goods at ORACLE
  • “Ben is one of the most authentic, enthusiastic and talented writers I have had the good fortune to meet.”
    Damian Hughes
    Author, Motivational Speaker, and Professor
  • “Ben is a fail-safe choice for any commercial or non-commercial briefs. Always meets deadline, always meets brief, and delivers fast turnaround. Has never let me down; can’t ask for more!”
    Kate Houghton
    Senior Editor, Archant Media
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